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What am I doing now?
Jan 14, 2011 - Elecraft KX-1 Update
I got through the 1st phase a couple of days ago.  I am spending as much free time as I can this month on this project.  My 2nd semester at Asbury starts in 2 weeks.  Once it starts I have very little free time.  Keep your fingers crossed that I get it done.

January 2011 - Current Kit:  Elecraft KX-1
Wow it has been a long time since I last updated the web-site.  My first semester at Asbury Seminary is complete and I don't start the next one until Feb.  So for January I get to play in Ham Radio once more!!  My goal is to get as much of my KX1 done as possible.  I purchased it during a weak moment at Dayton in May 2010.  I am excited about it and want to complete the build before the 1 year warranty on "free" parts expires. 

Hope to have a photo or two soon.  Thanks for reading.

Small Wonders Lab SW-40+ - July 26, 2010
I managed to sneak in some additional time on the SWL last night.  In fact, I only have 3 more things to do (L1, L2, L3).  Then off to testing and putting it into the case.  Very exciting.  I hope to get it done before I start my next adventure.  I will be returning to school in the Fall at Asbury Seminary.  I am going to pursue a Master of Arts in Christian Education.  It is a very exciting time at the Price household.  I hope that between my children, wife and studies that I will still have some play time on the radio and with building.  After all, I did buy a KX1 at Dayton!  Need to get that built before next May!

July 4, 2010
I have been working on this kit since coming back from Dayton.  I bought it more than a year ago but never made time to build it.  Well, when I was at Dayton I also picked up a KX-1.  I will not let myself build the KX-1 before I build the SW40!  So I set out pretty quickly.  I haven't done nearly as good of a job of documenting the build.  It has been fun and I am looking forward to getting it on the air.  I need to decide where on 40 meters to align the radio.  I really enjoy the old "novice" section of 40. 

Below is a photo of where I am at on the build. 

April 2, 2010  (Latest photos of K1 build are down on this page.)
It is DONE!!  I finished the kit yesterday and have (I think) just a few tweeks to go.  But I did manage a quick QSO last night on 40 meters.  Jim (KC0QCO) was the first QSO on the K1.  Unfortunately the band changed and another big dog station started very close to me.  So the last thing Jim sent was "did I build it myself".  Yes I did and I am amazed that it works.  The e-mail list has been a great help as well on several things that had me stumped.  I am going to use it for a couple of weeks before building the KAT1.  I want to make sure that everything works before I add any new variables.  Check out the photos at the bottom of this page.  Listen on the bands for K1 Serial # 2793!

Mar 26, 2010
Have been making great progress lately.  My sweet wife has let me have several afternoons to focus on soldering.  As of last night I am at the TESTING phase for the receiver!!!  So far so good!  I just wound L1 today and will install that next.  If the rest of the testing goes well, then I will start the transmitter section next.  It is finally looking like a radio now that the sides and front panel are attached.  This has been a great kit and once again if I would read the instructions all the way, then I wouldn't have to redo parts (hi hi).

Mar 12, 2010
I finished the Filter Board a few weeks ago.  I had to re-learn how to burn off the insulation on the wires and get them soldered in correctly.  I was fortunate enough to use the Elecraft reflector to find lots of good tips about how to do it.  My main issue was not using enough solder to clean off the wire and to tin it.

Earlier today I finished the Front Panel (see photos).  I am so excited to be at this point.  It felt like I would never get past it.  I had several building sessions but only managed to get 10 or so parts done at a time.  Anyway, I completed all the resistance checks and everything looks good.  I do hope that I haven't fried U1.  One step said to reinstall it after soldering in the LCD.  Well,l I missed the step that said TAKE IT OUT.  Opps.

Feb 16, 2010
Well I have made progress on building the Filter board on my K1.  I am up to the toroid winding section.  The first mistake I made was to wind L1 to L6 instead of following the instructions of doing L1 (wind, tin leads, mount on board).  I thought I was doing myself a favor by winding all the cores at the same time.  Well, it backfired because I wound them BACKWARD.  Ugh.  Perfectly clear instructions for someone that will bother to read!  I have now unwound L1 to L6 and rewound them.  The wire (I hope) will be okay for the 2nd wind.  It was little bit bumpy in spots but seems to have smoothed out enough.

My next challenge is getting the insulation off the wire and the wire soldered.  I don't remember having this much trouble with my PFR-3.  I don't know what I am doing differently but it is going so poorly that I am actually considering buying pre-wound toroids!  Say it ain't so.  This is supposed to built by me.  I am not afraid of a little winding.  I am afraid, however, of trying to get something off the PCB board once it is on there.

Jan 30, 2010
I worked in the Polar Bear Event earlier today.  We were hit with more ice than snow the night before.  So for safety sake I worked the event from my van rather than under the tree.  It was about 28 degrees IN the van.  I still froze my fingers off but had fun.  Worked AD7KG and N0EVS.  Had hoped to work more PB's but my play time ran out. 

Jan 17, 2010
Just finished the inventory process.  Not always easy with a 4 and 7 year old and the normal life duties.  Always rather be with my kids and my wife than with the soldering iron.  They will want less time with me in the future.  Anyway, I am missing just a couple of parts.  The folks at Elecraft already replied to my e-mail and gave me an idea of where to find 2 of the missing items.  Hope to melt solder this week!  Add a photo to the gallery below.
 * Note:  2 of the missing parts were in fact in an envelope that I did not open.  It was labeled as "serial #" and I believed that that was all that would be in the envelope.  Nope.  Anyway, it has been a pleasure to work with Elecraft and I am really looking forward to the build.

Jan 6, 2010

Started doing the inventory process for the Elecraft K1 last night.  So far I am very pleased with how well packaged and accounted for everything is.  I am only missing two parts at this time.  I am not 100% certain that they are missing.  I haven't gone through all the bags.
I spent some time on 01/01/10 working the ARRL Straight Key Night event.  I also decided to do it as a Polar Bear (#203).  The Polar Bears are a group of enthusiast that like to work OUTSIDE regardless of the conditions.  Many of them find far away snow covered places to play radio.  Since I only had a couple of hours I decided to set up my station outside in the backyard.  I had a great time using my PFR-3 and my buddy Dave's (W8FGU) 67' doublet.  I posted a YouTube video of it below.

Other Links:  Polar Bear
           Hendricks PFR-3 (my photos, Doug's site)

October 2009

My current Kit Building Effort is the Hendricks PFR-3 (Portable Field Radio - 3 band).  I am trying to go camping with my prayer group in Nov 2009.  Since I want to bring a rig with me I need to get this one done!  As such I have been very focused on getting this completed.   I have most of it working as of Oct 1, 2009.  I don't think I built the BLT correctly and am trouble shooting it now.   More building details here.

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