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What is WA5LPW (Whiskey Alpha 5 Lima Papa Whiskey)?  It is a call sign in the amateur radio world.  It was actually my late uncle's call (Clifford 'Buzz' Barton).  He became a silent key in 1998.  I have just recently (Nov '05) entered the ham radio world and was able to secure his call as my own.   It is my deepest honor to be able to carry on his call.

One of his best friends (WA5LQZ - Alan - Westlake, Louisiana, now SK) has been telling me all sorts of stories about Uncle Clifford.  He loaned me the below photo taken during the late 1960's.  The photo was taken by Burl Vincent (photog for Lake Charles American Press) during the Contraband Days Boat Races.  Buzz (right side/standing) was in the Coast Guard Auxiliary and they selected Alan's (left side/seated) boat as the communication vessel.  The radio is an old Heathkit "TWOER" Crystal Controlled AM.  Alan mentioned that everyone had one and they worked great providing a 15 to 20 mile coverage.

The current WA5LPW and family (okay this picture is at least 6 years old now)!

The Shack! My shack has grown a good bit since starting out in Nov 2005.  My main QRO operating rig is the Kenwood TS-570S.  For QRP (my main pursuit) I use an Elecraft K1, KX1 and a Hendricks PFR-3. For mobile fun I have a Yaesu 857ND with hamsticks. Been thinking about a automatic antenna but I am not sure I have the space (height) to handle one.

I quite enjoy building. I just finished my KX1. It was much more challenging than anything I have built to date. I have come a long way since my first attempt to build. That honor belongs to a marker generator from Norcal. 

My completed kits to date are listed below.    Check out the QRP page for those images.

  - Elecraft KX1
  - Elecraft K1
  - Elecraft Dummy Load

  - Elecraft AF-1 Audio Filter

  - Elecraft Power/SWR Meter

  - Tuna Tin 2

  - 4sqrp NS-40 (none simpler)

  - Norcal SMT Dummy Load

  - Rockmite 20

  - Hendricks PFR-3 (Portable Field Radio - 3 band 5 watt)

Check out my "what am I doing now?" page for current kit building efforts.

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